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Winter Beekeeping and Getting Ready For Spring

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In this video I head to the bee yard to inspect the bee hives in mid February. The temperatures are cool, but at about 55 degrees, it's plenty warm enough for the bees to make their way out of the hive to search for precious resources, including nectar, pollen, and water.

In Louisiana, it often gets warm enough in February for bee activity to really pick up and for brood production to take off! In fact, last February we had some unseasonably warm weather that resulted in early flora bloom, and ultimately in early brood rearing.

I took full advantage and made a couple of queenless splits in February that did quite well and that turned into very strong colonies last year. So far this February, the weather has been seasonable, and so we have not had the weather to allow for doing any early splits.

My main goals for this winter hive inspection are to make sure there are no mice issues with the hives, to make sure each of the hives have plenty of honey stores, and to determine if my hives have laying queens.

Come along for this winter hive inspection!

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