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Rotating supers in preparation for splits.

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I know for most parts of the Northern hemisphere, the thought of working your bees at this time of the year is only a dream, but here in Southeast Louisiana, we're living the dream. That's right, today I'm headed out to the bee yards and doing our rotations and hive cleaning in preparation for our splits in mid March.

Because I run deep supers even for our honey supers, most of our hives had 3 deeps on them. So, while I was doing the rotations, I pulled all of our honey supers off and brought them to the abbey. Because I did not pull any honey in October, some of the boxes had honey in them, and I just allowed the abbey bees to polish them off. I did pull 2 full boxes of honey, and those frames will be distributed to the hives I have behind the honey house....recent removals. Everything put to good use.

I still have not gotten to the hives at the abbey because of rain and cold weather, temps below 45 degrees, but next week is looking very good. I need to get these rotations done as quickly as possible, I have to start setting swarm traps in 2 weeks. I figure if I get some traps set early, I'll have a better chance of jumping ahead of the Rooster on this years swarm challenge.

Enough of the small talk, lets get busy doing some hive rotations. God's peace to all.
Mr. Ed

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