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professional zeolite catalyst used for crude oil, wax oil, waste plastic oil and waste tire oil

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Waste oil refining catalyst
This product is a long-acting multifunctional gas-phase catalyst with the structure of strip shape. It is suitable for all kinds of waste oil, waste hydraulic oil, waste lubricating oil, waste oil, acidified oil, animal and vegetable oil, crude oil, wax oil, waste plastic oil and waste tire oil. And other raw materials oil. Is n-paraffin, short-chain, cracking catalyst, can make oil in the reactor in the high-
temperature pyrolysis of the gas-phase catalytic purification , refining high-quality refined oil. The use of the agent has the

following advantages:

1, can significantly reduce the freezing point of refined oil products and cold filter points, can make high waxy components of crude oil, waste diesel, waste oil into low-wax light diesel oil , so that oil to 0 # to -20 #. Can be a good removal of impurities, colloid, hydrogen sulfide, asphaltene, unsaturated hydrocarbons, so that the oil clear and transparent, pure taste.

2, in the refining process is not sticky, do not plug the pipe, slow oxidation, refining process, good temperature control, do not paste kettle, smell small, easy to clean, can be very good protection equipment , To extend the service life of the device.

3, low investment, high efficiency, easy to use, easy to operate, put in a multi-use, long-term benefit, and can be recycled. Each input

can be used for 6 months, 6 months after the catalyst out, after regeneration into the catalytic tower can be used repeatedly.

4, the agent not only reduce the freezing point, to improve the oil rate, the effect of changing oil density, but also in the refining process can also give all kinds of oil decolorization and deodorization.

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