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NARCISSIST: Poisoning the Well: Nefarious Mind Control

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Added by Admin in Bees and all that binds them


Eye on the puck! Distorted dysfunctional rules cause double binds and psychosis. Arguing is not wrong and stonewalling is not peacemaking. Narcissists poison people's minds with manipulation tactics involving word salad language including false dichotomies, equivocation, vague generalities, bandwagon, straw man, special pleading, ad hominem, weasel words, glittering generalities, and personal incredulity. Recovery involves learning more adaptive coping mechanisms including more mature emotional regulation and impulse control strategies. Victims are triggered when the dysfunctional rules are violated. Part of recovery is telling the truth and talking about the past and making amends and repentance. Identifying queen bees and deranged maniacal outliers is key. Some people misuse power using nefarious mind control techniques. Some jealous spoiled people are obsessed alienators. People make things up about what narcissism and codependence is. Narcissists conduct witchhunts and falsely accuse others of being narcissists. You can tell who is who because of the stonewalling and avoidance of responsibility. Liars and lies and games and cruelty are bad for everyone's moral. People who have been diabolically programmed with fear obligation and guilt and distorted dysfunctional rules are easily triggered to attack the perceived enemy. While sociopathic types are great at appearing fragile, they can indeed be held accountable and encouraged to explore their own character defects and learning how to handle their negative feelings in healthier ways. It's more about authenticity and less about perfection and a need to feel superior. It's like welcome to the human race. It's nice to be able to see just how dominating and aggressive these smooth pretenders actually behave. They put a spin on everything and make things up. So shady! Really brainwashed to blame the victim for the abuse. "You're making me abuse you!" But it's constant turn arounds. If they repeat the story they change characters! It's insane and terrifying! If they are nice to you it's like they're doing you a huge favor! Whatever they do they are spreading rumours that you do it. Where kids learn these horrible tricks is beyond me. So diabolical! The euphemisms will be like saying it's not evil it's fire! Haha. Romanticizing human evil. Outrageous lies, smearing other people's reputation and pitting people against each other and sadistic triumph standing there, so excited at her handiwork, and so entitled! Deranged maniacs who aren't too bright and imagine they are superior. Callous unemotional traitscand see themselves as angels of light. Ew nest of narcissists. Polarization. Like gangs. But they don't admit it. Hatred. Some queen bees and deranged maniacal outliers always seem to need a new target to destroy. They do it with lying smear campaigns, secret sources of intel, and triangulation. The demagogue stirring up psychosis and playing the innocent victim of an evil monster bully. The bully is the one who hides from reasoned open dialogue.

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