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Most Unbelievable Hybrid Species Ever Discoveried

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8. Blood Parrot Cichlid
A mix of midas cichlid and redhead cichlid, this species has become a popular pet among aquatic enthusiasts due to its bold coloration. The creation of the Blood Parrot Cichlid has brought about quite a debate in the animal ethics community. Though visually stunning, this fish has quite a few health defects resulting from its husbandry and breeding. For one, its mouth is unusually small and narrow, opening only in the form of a teensy slit. This often leads to malnutrition and sickness in the species, which has sparked outrage in the fishkeeping community and lead for many calls for the breed’s intentional breeding to cease.

7. Wholphin
This incredibly rare hybrid is something that baffles the minds of many marine biologists. Wholphins are created when a female common bottlenose dolphin mates with a male false killer whale, resulting in an absolutely stunning calf with pearled black skin. This cross happens both in the wild and in captivity, though many pregnancies are not viable or produce a calf that is too weak to survive for more than a short period of time.
6. Tri-Bird
A recent find, this three way cross was discovered in mid-2018 by a team of scientists in Pennsylvania. The combination, comprised of a hybrid warbler and a different species all together, has never been recorded in any form until this discovery. The mother is believed to have been a golden winged and blue winged warbler hybrid, also known as a Brewster’s warbler, and the father a chestnut sided warbler. Physically, the bird mimics its mother’s lineage but it vocalizes in a similar manner to its father. A blood test later confirmed the cross and gave a genetic code for the bizarre little bird.

5. Hybrid Hominin
It is no secret that we do not know all that much about the lives and circumstances surrounding our furthest ancestors. We know a bit about them from fossils and statistics but otherwise we sort of draw a bit of a collective blank concerning the ins and outs of daily life and interpersonal activities. One mid-2018 find has shed a bit of light on the relationships formed between our ancestors through a lucky break while studying a selection of bones. The ninety thousand year old bones belonged to a girl of around thirteen who had a Neanderthal mother and, amazingly, a Denisovan father.

4. Super Snake
Running into a python in the wild is a pretty terrifying experience for most people. In fact, even running across a typical garden snake is enough to make many people back inside! With this in mind, imagine walking out of your house and seeing a massive, difficult to identify python coiled up and enjoying its dinner on your front porch. This is a terrifying reality for some Floridians, as it appears Burmese pythons and Indian rock pythons have begun to mate, creating a sort of super snake that can adapt to the Florida weather with ease and spread rapidly through the everglades and other marshy areas.

A bit of an adorable break from the other entries on this list, the geep is absolutely precious. Created by crossbreeding a sheep and a goat, the geep has become quite popular within the media due to its sweet appearance and cuddly demeanor. All is not entirely well with geeps, though, as natural mating usually results in a very sick offspring that either does not make it to gestation or is stillborn. Those that do survive are typically sterile, meaning a secondary lineage is not likely possible from the hybridization. Fortunately, though, many have been successfully reared in recent years and even more are created through embryo fusion to create a slightly different chimera species. Regardless, this adorable little animal has sparked a conversation about hybridization and the science surrounding it and is doing a fantastic job as the unofficial mascot of the field.

2. Killer Bees
An example of a hybridization mistake, the killer bee, also known as the Africanized Honey Bee, are honestly pretty terrifying. Created after a replacement beekeeper accidentally released twenty six Tanzanian queen bees into his hives in Southeastern Brazil, these bees are rapidly migrating and multiplying. Originally, the owner of the hives, a biologist known as William E. Kerr, planned to crossbreed European and African bees to create a hybrid that could make more honey and better survive the tropical Brazilian weather. Unfortunately, the 1957 experiment resulted in an aggressive, swarming species that has actually killed humans.

1. Grolar Bear
One of the rarest bear hybrids, grolar bears are created when grizzly bears and polar bears mate, resulting in a mixed fur predator like no other. Occurring in both natural settings and in captivity, the bears are easily identified due to their distinct colorations and physical build.

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