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Mckamey Manor EXPOSED!!! (See description and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!)

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Added by Admin in Beekeeping In Spring 2019


For anyone new asking, this is the REAL MCKAMEY MANOR!!! This is the stuff he won’t show you on YouTube.. There is no money, no Manor, no actors.. All it is, is some old guy who makes you play around with a bunch of trash in his yard AFTER telling you that you have to stay up the whole night the night before. He makes you do impossible tasks like find your way all the way around his yard blindfolded while carrying a barrel on your back in a set amount of minutes. If you are doing well, he will change the rules on you. As you can see in this video, after I was fine crawling around with it, he had me get on my stomach to do it. The person video taping was a friend I had brought with me. As I said, it’s only Russ there. No other staff. This was his back yard. He lives in a trailer in this yard. You can see his amazing “dollar general” Props inside the water I was laying in.
This is NOT a haunt! It’s just some guy making you exercise to death after making you stay awake all night videoing tasks for his Facebook page. He wants you to tire yourself out so you quit. As you can see In the video, he keeps asking me if I’m Physically and mentally fine. He is looking for a reason to get me to stop. Finally he says I’m mentally unfit and pulls me out as I wasn’t quitting. This place is a SCAM!!! There is no money, no haunt, no nothing!! Don’t waste your time with this place. All he will show I’m his YouTube videos is bits of people who are tired out and have fake blood or glitter on their face (which he makes you buy all this stuff and bring with you..)
There is no $20,000 as well. Notice on any videos of Mckamey Manor, the money is never shown. It is also not in any contract you sign that you will win any money. Do NOT fall for this SCAM!!! This guy only does this to people for videos for his Facebook page..

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