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Maca vs Pine Pollen - Which Is Best For You?

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Maca vs Pine Pollen. The comparison might surprise you! Come find out which is best for you!

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Today I want to talk about Maca versus Pine Pollen. These are two great herbs but very different herbs. Pine pollen is our most popular seller by a good degree and that's because this is absolutely amazing stuff. It contains testosterone, other human hormones and so really good for helping support human hormone health. And along with that, many people are gonna notice greater energy.
Greater energy is one of the many reasons that a lot of people like Maca, this is a root that comes out of Peru and surrounding areas, a food that has been used in those areas for a long, long time. And really the Chinese used pine pollen for thousands and thousands of years. So the Maca is known for supporting the hormones, but a lot of the signs looking at that and finding it's not really working through those mechanisms.

It is helping to increase energy. It is helping to support libido, which is one of its other major benefits in other ways besides the sex hormones themselves. At least that's what the science is showing. Both of these are, as I was saying, they're super foods and it's really good to think of them more along the lines of foods rather than supplements. So what does this look like? This means that you can take very big doses of these. Here I have the pine pollen megadose we recommend up to three tablespoons a day of this and Maca same thing. We recommend three tablespoons a day up to that. It's because with Maca, many people will not notice benefits or notice the energy or libido or anything like that until they're getting to higher dosage, which makes it kind of funny that people are putting Maca in capsules or uh, even tinctures of it may not really work best.

You want to have a bigger dose of it. Now that's true with the pine pollen powder. That tincture kind of transforms what pine pollen is doing to agree, uh, the alcohol itself extracts out that hormonal component and then delivers it straight into your bloodstream so it can have more of a directly boosting testosterone effect with the pine pollen tincture. So as I was saying, it's not really about one is better than the other. They have a little bit of different effects and them being just kind of the bulk herbs, the pine pollen powder comes a bit cheaper, uh, than the tincture. And then the Makkah is relatively inexpensive as it is here. But like I said, you can make big doses of this stuff and in that way you can go through it pretty quickly. Many people will find this is a good combination.

The pine pollen has a little bit of a bitter taste to it, but many people find it quite pleasant, especially once you're used to it. The Maca has a nice malty flavor. If you're making a shake or a smoothie or anything like that, these are two great ingredients that can be thrown together. So it's not versus so much as it is, well, let's try and cooperate. As for what you'll find works better for you. I cannot say many people having great results with both of these. Try them both. Try them combined. Try them separate, see what works best for you. We've got a whole lot more information over at lost empire, herbs.com if you want to learn more about these herbs or the many other herbs we have available than check it out over there. And also let us know if you've been enjoying these verses videos.

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