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Light Bearer - Lapsus (Full Album)

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Band : Light Bearer
Album : Lapsus

released 23 March 2011


1. Beyond The Infinite 00:00
2. Primum Movens 04:02
3. Armoury Choir 18:02
4. The Metatron 32:46
5. Prelapsus 34:29
6. Lapsus 41:35


Primum Movens:
The Prime mover
The fraudulent deity and his doctrine

My love! my God! I bow before the one.
Of the beasts that foul this land we share no stock!
For the father blessed be, who formed all that is,
we stand before this cast and bow only to you!

Exchange: Authority -- proud fool!
Lucifer -- My pharisee!
Authority -- Dissenter!
Lucifer -This heresy!
Authority -- I, sovereign!
Lucifer -- my majesty!
Authority -- Condemn you!

Lucifer: I shall crack the cradle born,
before I'll yield to this first son,
thou formed me in fire, thou formed him in clay!
I cannot revere, this noble form. In glory I submit,
my heart is held in exaltation

The authority:
Then the cast is set my child of fire,
to know thine place is paramount.
This seat of power knows only one,
apostate, heretic son!

Lucifer: Strands of twine bind our kith,
below him ordained, bound in chastity.
Your house is split my liege, my love,
what shall we sew? what have we sewn?
Take up arms! amorphous host!
For this is the eve of our disgrace!

The Armory Choir
The zealous

Thy kingdom come! Thy will be done!
Our quality, in majesty.
Our words we weave engorged with zeal,
enraptured in this bloody feud!
We charge this fool with avarice,
the damned will find no shelter here,!
Sanctum bound in rhetoric
our breath resigned, this commencement!
The choral song will play out,
bound by this incumbent !

Hewn in storms, infallible,
our ears are turned to Gabriel.
One hundred strong his wings unfurl,
we hear the call of Michael!

Messenger of the burning word,
Authority, the glorious,
who is lord of the host,
we grovel low and bow in turn.

The trisagion, the holy thrice,
uttered by the seraphim,
These words our opium,
we shed each tear in reverence.
Fallen foe, in treachery,
bind him below in punishment!

Our Lord, thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
servants born of deathless tongue,
cut from your sacred cloth,
authority, oh merciful,
we understand this sacrament

The accusation

O Day Star, son of Dawn!
laid the nations low!
You said in your heart,
"I will ascend to heaven;
I will raise myself
above the stars of God;
I will ascend
to the tops of the clouds,
I will make myself
like the Most High.

Before the fall;
The appeal

I seek reformation! I plead leniency!
This kingdom of heaven and his majesty.
These words now tremble in spite of our trust,
these courses are changing and with them our cause.
Join my desecration Mammon Belial!
Our broken accord our chosen denial
Raise aloft our voices, our graven dissent,
I beg you my father retreat and repent!

Supernal veils of heaven swell;
caustic is this craven goal,
what have we forged,
what have we wrought,
to replace this love with his wrath.
My brothers in arms, I forge this creed!
my blasphemy, our eulogy!
We are the sons of fire!
We are the daughters of light!

The casting out of the innocent Lucifer and the rebel angels

Heaven quakes,
the crown tilts,
Tumult massing,
choir dogs.
We coalesce
before this foe.
My paramour!
We proclaim!

Have we not bled for your succor?
Have we not swarmed to your side?
Have we not groveled and washed your feet?
Are we not bound to your creed?
I will not blithely wilt
in the light of your glory.
I will not blindly walk
and glimpse the void.

Assembled ranks, bastion flock,
pirouette of the paragon.
Flawless blades guilt with blood;
His glory be in ragged meat.

Resplendent host!
Rise tempestuous!
Bodies like hale, an astral squall,
revolve and revolve in blind idolatry.
Chorus fractured and forlorn

Heaven heaves a sigh of epochs.
The myriad strains under prides weight.
Regal volley thrown, trebuchets of carven bone.
Wings fragment in fervid oil, driven back and recoil.

Torn fingers clutch the edge,
the mass cries out,
foundation reviles in disgust

Hands claw and grip,
dust blinds in floods,
engulfs and chokes,
they fail.

They fall away, we flail,
blotted eyes tight,
lungs erased. Duress engulfs.
They fall.

The void it calls,
it calls below and below again,
trauma wrought and beaten,
scorched limbs drag torpid husks.
This chasm maw lies open,
exit beyond their grasp.
The cold it binds and castrates,
stigeon embargo,
bound like brittle branches
to this freezing waste.

Lucifer --
Is this the prize you spake my lord?
To punish infinite? how can our god
commit such puerile acts?
This hollow place will serve us well,
for we no longer have your love.


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