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Leaf blower vs. thousands of bees.

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What an opportunity I had just a few weeks ago when I was invited up to Pride, Louisiana to help, and witness, how bee keepers in that neck of the woods go about bringing in their honey supers and processing them. What I found very special about the event is how it is conducted. For one day, a very generous man, Gary, sets up his honey processing line in his garage, and allows any and all bee keepers in the small community to come process their honey. All they need to do is bring in their supers and he allows them to use his machines at no cost to them. He guarantees 3 gallons of honey for each super, mediums, they bring in, and whatever difference is lacking , he makes up from his own supply of honey. The only cost to the person is Gary gets to keep the wax, but then he gives that away also. We went to 5 or 6 different yards pulling honey supers, and each yard belonged to a different person.By the time we had finished collecting supers, we had well over 60 boxes to process.

I was told that on the first day the supers were collected and on the second day the honey was processed. Well, that's not the way it worked out. As it turned out, they decided to process the honey the same day, and about 4 hours later, the job was done. In the end, over 125 gallons of honey was processed. Even as we were processing honey, there were more members of the community coming in to watch the show as well as a few of them bringing in their honey supers to process as well.

It was a great way to spend my day, and I got to meet some very very nice bee keepers. Now, I'm looking forward to the Saturday after Thanksgiving when Gary will open his garage again, but this time it will be to press sugar cane. You can expect to see a video about that as well. But for now, take a look and see how the good folks from Pride gather and process their honey. God's peace to all. Mr. Ed

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