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Karma Honey Project | Puerto Rico Africanized Honey Bee

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The honey bees are experiencing a run of bad luck. Between pesticides, fungus, mite infestations, natural disasters, and global warming they just can't catch a break.
Why are Puerto Rican Bees so Special?
They are thought to be the holy grail of honeybees (gAHB) this means the domesticated African Honey Bee. One that is much hardier and resistant to the diseases killing the regular honeybees across the united states (over 40 percent in the last five years).
This very special bee needs our help. After hurricane Maria more than 70 percent of the agriculture and bees were destroyed! We cannot let this bee go extinct. Help us to re-populate the island of Puerto Rico and one day the world with a bee that can overcome the problems that are killing the population now.

Did you know that Honey bees are the most important pollinators for flowers, fruits and vegetables? This means that they help other plants grow, and without them many of the food sources you enjoy each day would be gone. In some regions, up to 90% of bees have disappeared!
The Karma Honey Project is run by a small but growing passionate group of individuals who have a goal to help the world become a better place through educating people about Bees and their massively positive effect on our planet, and hopefully with effort and the help of others, to eventually reverse the declining Bee population and do everything possible to save them.
The Karma Honey Project uses 100% of proceeds for the following purposes:
Creation of new hives to repopulate the worlds bees.
Donating to university based research into what is causing bees to die off in record numbers. And finding new ways to protect them from disease and pesticides.
Educating children and adults on the importance of the bee to mankind.

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