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I got an interesting call a few weeks ago, a brand new bee keeper and a new member of our River Region Bee Club called with a bit of anxiety in her voice. She had just done her first hive removal, from her grandmothers house, and things were not going well. The robber bees had pushed the bees from the box, and they were just hanging on to a beam on the ground.

Not knowing what to expect to see when I arrived, I grabbed a nuc box and some frames with some old brood comb as well as some drawn out honey comb, loaded my gear in the car and headed up the road about 10 miles to where the bees had been brought. Upon arrival, the sight was not to good. There were still robber bees in the air, beetle maggots in the hive box, and all the hive bees were clustered on the ground behind the box they were set up in.

By the time Lauren and I had finished cleaning up the mess, all the bees were transferred into the nuc box along with their queen, and then set up about 10 feet from it's original location. It's been almost an month now since this took place, and I'm happy to say the bees are doing very well, and Lauren continues feeding the bees their own honey.

The pictures at the end of the video were provided by Lauren and show her doing her very first removal. It was a large hive, and I have to say, she did a great job saving these bees. God's peace to all. Mr. Ed

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