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How to Make a Quilt Board for Beekeeping - Prepping Bees for Winter

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It's that tiiiime of yeeear, when the bees are all mad.

Ok, enough with the singing - now onto quilting. Bee moisture quilt board that is. In an effort to prep our bees for winter, we're taking extra precaution to eliminate moisture in the hive.

See, all winter the bees will keep an average temperature of 92 degrees Fahrenheit in the hive - yep, pretty warm when you consider the outside temps will be at or below freezing. This temperature difference is a breeding ground for condensation which is a big bee no-no. As the moisture forms in the hive, it begins to condense on the roof of your hive slowly dripping down onto your bees cooling them at a time when they're struggling to stay warm.

To prevent this, we create a moisture-absorbing layer called a Quilt Board. "It is essentially a small box with burlap or screen on the bottom, filled with sawdust, cedar shavings or some other organic material. The box sets on top of the topmost box the bees inhabit and is said to "absorb moisture" and "retain the nest scent and heat.""

What you'll need to make one? Wood, staple gun, burlap, and wood chips. We sell the correct sizes for both 8 and 10 frame hives at The Bee Store. The burlap and staple gun you can grab at home improvement stores (John prefers Home Depot), and the wood chips you can find at any animal supply shop.

Watch the video on how (and why) we make these from scratch to finish!

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