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How to get an endless supply of Queens All Summer Long

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Please scroll to bottom for some examples on how to make your own queens.

This was a huge success at Barnyard bees this will supply me with all the queens that I need, this will give me 60 nucs total and later on I will add some more. if you want to mate Queens this is the way to go you can use these to sell or to expand to a 5 frame nuc. These frames are interchangeable with all of your deep hives if you have a deep frame that has a queen cell on it ,you can just drop it in the mini nuc.

Here is a few examples on how to get started making queens.

1 -You can place inside a mini nuc 1 frame of honey, and then shake 2 frames of bees that that are on capped brood, or young brood, check first and make sure queen isn't on those frames. Then place a queen cell between frame and wall, just pull frame gently up to cell, not smashing it.

2- place I frame of eggs to young larva in mini nuc, and just leave like that, nurse bees will make queen cells from 3 to 4 day old larva, queen will hatch in 16 days total, but don't forget bees start making queen cells from 3 to 4 day old larva. So make sure to subtract 4 from 16. So around 12 to 13 days virgin queen should hatch, if weather is still little cold, shake an extra frame of nurse bees in nuc to keep brood from chilling. This is called a walk away split.

3- This is by far the easiest. Find a frame with queen cell, and place that frame in mini nuc. It's as simple as that. Never ever pinch or throw away a queen cell like some so called experts say to do. That's just plain crazy.

4- graft your own queens. hatch, and release in mini nuc that has already had a frame of queenless bees. Way to much about grafting to write down here, you will have to study up on this subject.

5- After any of these examples, you will have to give virgin queen around a week to fly off and mate. Then pull frame out, and look for proof of eggs being laid in cells, after you see this she is ready.

2 frame mini mating nuc

Sides 19 3/4 long × 10 1/4 high
Bottom board 21 long × 4 3/4 wide
Back end 9 1/2 tall x 3 1/4 wide
Front 8 5/8 tall x 3 1/4 wide
Front & Back end covers 2 x 4 3/4
This piece fits behind frame rest.
Migratory Top 24 x 5 1/2

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