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Honey Bee Robbing Station or Open Feeding in Fall Good or Bad? Illegal where you reside?

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This is an area of backyard bee management which many beekeepers differ on.
In spring, I pull medium supers of honey that have made it through winter still full.
I store them through summer while the bee colonies build up their resources again.
When the nectar flow is finished and cold weather sets in, I pull out the stored honey and place it on a robbing station to the west of my backyard apiary. We have prevailing winds which travel from west to east, so this means the foraging bees fly empty against the wind and travel back with the wind when heavily loaded.
My logic is that it's better to put resources out which occupy the foragers and are of known composition, than to simply button everything up and allow them to send out robbing gangs to raid smaller (possibly diseased) colonies of honey bees.
In this video, I share my method and rationale behind how I open feed.
This station is also where I place Flow-Supers for a final cleaning prior to winter storage.
The frames can be suspended inside standard deep Langstroth boxes, or the entire super can be set out in tact, and then stored.
Honey supers placed out for robbing should have open bottoms so that there is no trapping of bees in the heavy honey. I also don't put flat materials under the station which may hold pools of leaking honey which can trap and drown foraging bees.
Cover the boxes so the sun doesn't hit the frames and also so rain doesn't dilute the honey.
I stack the empties in the shed or garage with a very thick plastic bag over the top so that no wax moths gain entry. In the spring, you will have ready medium supers to put on the colonies which have drawn comb that has be meticulously cleaned by the bees.
Since we have very cold weather where I live, the stored supers with frames are exposed to sub zero temperature cycles many times over. You can also spray down the frames with a 10% bleach solution and air dry them prior to storage. This will also stop any bacterial activity or any mold which may otherwise be attacking your wooden-ware.

If you want to learn more about how I construct my pipe and t-post stands, here is a video: https://youtu.be/2uGhI7oF8kA

If you want to know more about the BeeSmart Design hive stands, here you go: https://youtu.be/aFPvP73RAsM

You "can" provide 2:1 sugar to water inside your hive this time of year, BUT, that will not deter or occupy your foraging bees. It's the foragers that will be attacking every sweet thing, including your soda at a picnic. Even the hives that you took the supers from will be bringing it right back in and putting the honey in storage.

Thank you for watching :)

ALL MUSIC in this video is Licensed From Triple Scoop Music to Frederick Dunn
Title: Making Sweet Memories
Version: Strummer

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