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honey and the bee ~ open map ~ read desc

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oh hecc another map. I’m not addicted I swear-

I just rlly wanted to make a map using an owl city song bc yes and this song is epic therefore I must commit map B)

don’t judge me

pls stop my map hosting addiction I mean I don’t have one lol pls join this ok

- You can have up to 4 parts, since no one is going to join this.
- Don’t have more than 2 parts IN A ROW
- It can be PMV or AMV. If you are doing PMV, there must be some form of tweening or some motion, no completely still frames.
- In this map, I’d like you to focus more on visuals.
- The backgrounds must be some form of scenery, something the characters can interact with. I’d prefer if it was naturey, but any scene would work. No plain backgrounds, no just patterns for backgrounds.
- Try to add some form of shading or lighting if possible.
- Make your part upbeat and happy and cute, no edgy boios
- Lip sync isn’t necessary, but it’d be nice to have. You can just make the mouth open, to make it look like the character is talking, if you don’t want to animate lip sync.
- You may use any characters, just don’t use someone’s oc without their permission. If you read the desc, tell me which characters you’ll be using. If you’re not sure, just say you don’t know yet.
- You have one week, 3 day extension if a wip is given.
- Don’t add lyrics
- No channel watermarks. The only program watermark allowed is flipaclip
- Please choose a part, don’t just say ‘any part’ Bc I don’t like choosing for people-
- You can use ships if u want idk
- Everything must be drawn by you, no stealing backgrounds or sumthin
- Please only take parts if you can finish!
- The code word is beez. And that other thing I asked for :);
- Feel free to take the intro/outro.

Intro. unicornprincess40
1. Sir Pipkins
2. Joe Memes!
3. Joe Memes!
5. iizy loves tomtorrd more owo
6. iizy loves tomtorrd more owo
7. icey frost
8. • Toast •
9. LLB_animation’s uwu
11. • Toast •
15. _Halls__
16. iizy loves tomtorrd more owo
17. Kawaii KunoTuno
18. StopMotion CupCake
19. Wolfers
20. Sunlär
24. H E A V E N
25. Red The Smol Bean
26. Maddy’s Animations
27. Maddy’s Animations
30. Unqualifiedtea
33. Lullaby Beast
34. burritoz
35. burritoz

Song: https://youtu.be/4Hu-8AvHDGw

pls join I’m not epic picky boio and beginner r allowe

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