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Frozen Honeybee Apiary Clearing Landing Boards and Yard walk and talk

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Temperatures BOMB down into minus 30 windchill which was around 4 or 5 degrees Fahrenheit here in North America. Beehives are nicely insulated with deep snow, BUT, there is a warm-up coming, so it's time to clear the landing boards and take a yard walk.

This video was made with the GoPro Hero7 black and all of the audio is from that camera. Halfway through, I pushed the Time Warp 2x mode by mistake... sorry about that.

Notice the Flowhives have their "flow-super" Boxes ON. The Honey-Flow Company doesn't make medium supers for their hives, so I have improvised this year by leaving the Flow-Super BOX on and removed the flow-frames. This leaves room (with queen excluders in place) for any emergency feeding I may need to do inside those boxes. Then, when spring finally arrives for sure, all I have to do is remove the feeders and re-install the Flow-Frames for the nectar flow.

In deep snow, the bees vent themselves as shown in this video, unless there is to be a melt off, no reason to clear out around the hives as the snow is a fantastic insulator from wind and blizzards. Each hive had an interesting "snow-vent" system that melted its way through the snow.

SOMETHING I'VE CHANGED - This year, I am not using any top vents through winter, though there is "some" venting through the hive covers, it's minimal when compared with an actual upper entrance. We shall see how that goes. The bees do a great job of limiting or increasing air flow on their own.

Enjoy the video and I hope all of your bees are doing FANTASTIC!

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