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Foley's Russian Bees/Moving Honey Bees pt2

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Last winter I lost every Foley colony that became too small. I could not save them no matter what I did! Last summer I went back to breeding my own queens and using Formic Pro formic acid. I lost none of my home bred queens during the formic acid treatment. I lost 2, one year old queens, one of them was a Foley queen. Colony 18 lost a Foley queen but some how they managed to produce a new queen during the month of October! Because of that and an early winter, they have been reduced to a very small colony. I've mentioned this colony in several of my videos and I thought it was time to show them to you. I'm not at all worried about losing them unlike the Foley colonies. I only have 2 Foley queens left after having 46 shipped to me less than 2 years ago! Losing a few queens during formic acid treatment is so much better than buying poor quality queens. The Russian colonies were never mite resistant! Therefore buying Formic Pro formic acid is by far a better investment! If you need new queens, breed your own! If you had $200 outside and there was a chance you could loose it, you'd go get it and bring it inside, RIGHT! That's exactly what northern beekeepers are doing! Waiting until spring to see if their bees are still there! CRAZY! Why not invest some money into a place to put small colonies that need help! Check your colonies like they're your children! Too much money is made every year selling honey bees! YOU HAVE BEEN TRAINED TO BE IGNORANT! If I can have honey bees and make increases without buying more, there is no reason why you can't do the same! It's not ROCKET SCIENCE! Also be careful where you get your information! If your are following someone that has loses,STOP! You'll never be any better then they are! P.S. Did you see the queen? She was on the center frame, on the opposite side of me in the center of the brood cluster! If you saw her, you're a good beekeeper! I expect you'll be very successful this year!

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