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Foley's Russian Bees/Cleaning Out Dead Bees(INDOORS)before feeding pollen patty

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I'm proving Foley's Russian Bees are NO GOOD! 65% died last winter even though I did my best to keep them alive. Only 3 Foley queens remain alive today, they are only a year old! Last summer I bred my own queens and used Formic Pro formic acid. I have not lost a colony in 3 months! I expect to have ZERO losses this winter! Next week is said to be the coldest in 20 years. Sad to say, but I expect many Northern beekeepers will lose their honey bees next week. Good for the bee dealers that want to sell you the old bees, worn out from the almonds. I see similarities with beekeeping and how the U.S. system operates. People continue doing the same old STUPID stuff over and over! Every election people vote expecting change! BUT DOES IT HAPPEN! HELL NO! This country really needs a PURGE AND A BLOOD LETTING! It will happen it's just a matter of time! I'm different from the majority of the people and PROUD OF IT! Same with my beekeeping, my results will always be better than the majority of beekeepers!

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