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Dr. Klinghardt - Chronic Illness, Brain Health, Wifi & EMFs

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Dr. Klinghardt - Chronic Illness, Brain Health, Wifi & EMFs

Dr. Klinghardt is interviewed by Ben Nash of Imagine Radiance and discusses the link between chronic illness and psychological trauma. The discussion continues around how electromagnetic radiation and wifi radiation is causing the depletion of our intelligence with several options and ideas of how to protect yourself from this. Dr. Klinghardt also provides some valuable information on the brain and what the necessary measures are when it comes to increasing our brain power.

Autism is on the rise! WHY?
Chronic illness is on the rise! WHY?
Are we becoming less intelligent? WHY?
Is chronic illness or declining health, a symptom of the environment and our psychological state?

This interview will cover important topics like how our psychological relates to modern disease conditions combined with enviromental toxins. With our enviroment becoming increasingly impacted with pesticide infected foods, cell phone radiation, wifi (including 3g, 4g and 5g) as well as many heavy metals we need to protect ourselves to ensure long term physical and mental health. Dr Dietrich Klinghardt has been very generous with his knowledge in this video and provides the viewer and their loved ones with new ideas to protect, improve and enhance your physical, mental and spiritual health long term

What if there were answers? What if you could protect yourself? What if you could stay well and there were measures you could take to be free from any fear of chronic illness and you could guarantee a sustained long term health?

Dr. Klinghardt is breaking the mold and doing some amazing work with autism, lymes disease and chronic conditions. Ben Nash had the privilege of interviewing him. He is on the court and sharing new ways of looking at health and supporting chronic illness. This interview provides amazing knowledge and some great tips for you. With information like this we can protect ourselfs from environmental toxins and understand how psychological conditions could be impacting your life.

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Dr. Klinghardt - Chronic Illness, Brain Health, Wifi & EMFs
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