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[DIY] How to make a candy boards and hard candy for overwintering bees

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Here’s a quick video on the simplest and most cost-effective way to make a candy board for overwintering bees. Candy boards serve a dual purpose- they help by absorbing condensation that the hive produces as the temperature difference between the internal hive temperature and outside temperature begin to increase. They also provide additional food stores in the event the honey stores are depleted. The reason why this is important is because bees will not break their cluster during the winter if temperatures are “too cold” outside and like in most places, natural food sources, both nectar and pollen, do not exist during this time of year. The addition of vinegar is to help prevent any mold from growing as the candy boards and hard-candy are on the hives much longer than liquid sugar water.
• 1' x 3' x 8' (Lowe’s: $1.62)
• 1 5/8” Panel nails (Lowe’s: less than $3)
• Hardware cloth (10’ x 2’ role-1/4” opening) (Lowe's: $14)
• Wax paper
• Exterior paint
• Jigsaw or miter saw
• Measuring tape or square
• Corner clamp (optional but handy if you’re working alone)
• Hammer
• Metal snips
• Staple gun
• Scissors
• Front & Back: 16 1/4"
• Sides: 18 3/4”
• Hardware cloth: 32 squares wide x 39 squares deep
Hard-candy recipe
• Sugar: 15 pounds
• Water: 3 cups
• Vinegar: 1 tablespoon

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