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(CLOSED) All I Want For Christmas is You MAP ~READ DESCRIPTION!!!~

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read full description please!

-If you do not finish in time, I will possibly give an extra week and if you haven’t even started by the due date, I will kick you and pick someone else!


-This map is a shipping map! Use your oc’s or your oc and someone else’s oc (with their permission) or use two of someone else’s oc’s! (again ask for permission first!!)

-Please make the background of your part a shade of the background color i have in the video for your part!

-If your part has a two color background, You can either add both colors in a pattern like polka dots, stripes, etc. or you can use a gradient of the two colors!

-If you know you can’t finish your part in time, don’t ask for a part please!

-If your part says PMV then please make it a PMV (if you don’t know what PMV means, there are examples on yt!)

-If your part says animated, have at least 10 frames of animation please!!!

Now, Read through all the rules please! Don’t just skim over them for the code word!


-If your part includes someone else’s oc, Please ask for their permission first!!!

-If you have no experience in animating, don’t choose an animated part!


-When you complete your part, make sure to link it in the comments please!! Or even better, send it to me over google Hangouts or to my email! My google hangouts and email is: icyfoxxarts@gmail.com Please comment when you send your part because i don’t keep up with my email very well!!!! Thank you!

-No fandoms!!!

-You must create your own artwork in your part so no Gacha or other apps that generate art for you!

-Absolutely NO tracing!

-You can have up to two parts!! (only one PMV part though!)


-Nothing sexual!

-Follow the background color displayed for your part!

-No green screen!

-No watermarks! That includes Flipaclip, KineMaster, CuteCut, etc. Btw, the app Video Crop can help with that so not all hope is lost XD

-Please dont add your personal watermark to your part! I will add your channel name so people know who’s part is who’s!

-Don’t add any words to your part! No lyrics please!!

-If you are breaking any of the rules in your part, I will ask you to change that part about it and if you deny, I will just get someone else to do your part

-To get a part, make sure you say the oc(s) you will be using and who they belong to!

Now thank you for reading all of that!



Also just to be sure, Read over the important parts and rules one more time please!!! (tysm!)


Intro- IcyFoxxArts
1- CuteGamerGirl Animations (Gasphen X Chi)
2- Emily_Studios s (Blaze X Blossom)
3- • NikiAnimates uwu • (Marble X Pumpkin)
4- maddie the bun (Honeybee X Candice)
5- _Wîlløw Päw_ (Serenity X Cookie)
6- Rose Dragonwhisper (Roze Bud X Cobalt)
7- cupcake The wolf 239 (cupcake, paula and vero)
8- Snorffle (Arin X Cory)
9- icey bluwu (mezul X Kina)
10- _•gxngerTea•_ (Bluu X Porcelain)
11- pinkmnm (lunar X Snake)
12- LSPIsLit (Elles X Tharn)
13- Epic Scribblez (Frost X Chip)
14- Moony Birb (Moony X Hichu)
15- The Short Moka (Moka X Psycho)
16- Nëby (Spotsy X Jack)
17- ᗪOOᗪᒪEᑭᖇO 29 (Jack X Wisteria)
18- Lil Storm Fox (Emperor X Storm)
19- Lualyn (Jason X Jazmine)
20- Chillä Skrizz (Coca X Lark)
21- Spirit's Animations (Olive X Spirit)
22- Spirit's Animations (Olive X Spirit)
23- KikiFeiXx (Kiki X Albert)
24- Kiasuto (Lemon X Choco
25- Neon_ Wolfie (Korumi X Cloudi)
26- _Wîlløw Päw_ (Serenity X Cookie)
27- Riskier Daisy (Dekka X Wren)
28- Just_does_ yert (Ellie X Snout)
29- • Leah • (Leah X Heidi)
30- *Aesthetically-Angel* (Cinder X Mocha)
31- Axis (Tito X Axis)
32- IcyFoxxArts (Jay X Icy)
33- LofiLoki (Miko X Yui)
34- DragonShark (Thorn X Acu)
35- WD. Bre (WD X Torti)
36- Pastel Nixx (Bumble Bee X Ani)
37- Harmonirose (Archive X ?)
38- Cookey Fox (Cookey X Riko)
39- Cookey Fox (Cookey X Riko)
40-Soupples (Fish X Aspen)
41-Soupples (Fish X Aspen)
42- Wolfgang2320 (Symphony X Aura)
43- Oddi-Bun (Oddi and Artemis)
44- SkalKitty ( Eevee X Kittychu)
45- Doxinfox (Crystal X Rose)
46- Milky_Ash (Bailey X Noodle)
47- *- Danniematiøn -* (Dannie X Angel)
Outro- IcyFoxxArts

If you don’t get a part, Please do not fight with other people, complain, or beg me for the part! ty!

And Merry early Christmas XD

The reason this map is so early is because, I would like lots of time to gather parts, edit, make sure everyone gets their part done, etc. so please don’t complain that i’m too early and that i’m skipping Thanksgiving lol

I love all of you

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