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Central Indiana Bee Stream -10/17/2019 - ~8.33pm - LIVE Bee inspections Sunday afternoon.

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Central Indiana Bee Stream. started 10/17/2019 - ~8.33pm - LIVE Bee inspections Sunday afternoon.
Limestone looks a lot like Quartz did. Sadly. AGAIN. Note to self: don't let outside signs lul you into thinking all is fine. Go inside. Find the brood. Have a look. Granite still looks great. Pulled syrup bottles. Inner cover now on top of empty super for ventilation while treating. Quartz is officially done. Anyone left either died or absconded. Found the queen just hanging on. Just for oops factor set her in top of Limestone frames to see what happens. So far they are trying really hard to tend to her. That may be not a great thing in that they may have lost or I may have squished their queen. Bottom line is Quartz is no more. Resources in the freezer.
Someone mentioned materials. These are all pine 3/4" dry/current measurement. Ceder would be my best wood choice. $$$ OR Concrete!
Suburban back yard Bee Hives. Part of the purpose here is to demonstrate that a person with time management issues in the suburbs can still pull this off.
Every 6-12 days I do LIVE inspections. I then usually copy that portion of the stream for a "highlight". Sometimes something cool is captured and I post a highlight of that. Occasionally I edit some footage together and produce a video. Other non bee related projects in the wings.
May appear for educational purposes:
NWS Rain Radar/Forecast elements to display capture.
TropicalTidbits.com forecast .gif
The Beekeeper!
Audio loop when live sound not desirable. [only bees, with obvious gap at end of loop]

FULL Past Live Stream Playlist:

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