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Building "fake" beehives with Bornean Village Umbo [Day 2/5] - PII Conservation Vlogs

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Hello Planet Indonesia International (PII) Community!

So yesterday we failed to find a hive in the forest, but we're going to stay put in the village of Umbo because we'll be building the artificial hives the natural ones will be implanted into. The training is in-depth and involves everyone in the community get hands-on because our programs and initiatives prepare villages to be self-sustaining by empowering them with knowledge they can build on independently.

As for the hive we didn't find yesterday, Dekky (YPI Sustainable Agriculture coordinator) and Pak Doi Doi (Local Community Conservation Member) will lead some more teams on a search today. Remember, Umbo is now inside a Protected Area so the hive must be in a tree either already dead or outside the nature reserve.

Enjoy day 2!

Dekky, Agung, Pak Abdurahman, Steph and the Planet Indonesia Team

This stingless bee honey initiative is just one part of our broader Agriculture Program (which is one part of our broader intensive community-led community development system). You can read a bit more about the overall aim and methods of our Sustainable Agriculture Program led by Dekky, Agung and Agato here:

To read more about how we protect Rainforests and other previous ecosystems for generations to come check out our website:

Our Facebook and Instagram is for weekly updates posted usually 3 times a week.

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