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Beginning Beekeeping - Join local beekeepers near me

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Beeginner Beekeepers


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The simple, natural way to keep bees - without chemicals
Local beekeepers near me, natural trusted - join us!
Get your apiary started.

What are the things beginning beekeepers struggle the most with?
Staying calm while working aggressive bees while getting stung a numerous number of times.

How much would I need to invest to start beekeeping?
Depends how much you are going to spend on an apiary. If you look right (beekeepers near me) you can buy all necessary equipment for about $190, which includes suit, hive, apiary, smoker and local beekeepers near me.

I'm writing a book about beekeepers near me. Can you help?
Are you a beekeeper yourself? … Because that experience alone would provide a considerable amount of information that one could use to flesh out a beginning beekeeping book....

How do I collect bees to start making honey?
Typically, to begin beekeeping, you need to take a beekeeping class, get the various types of equipment you need like an apiary, and then, once everything is ready, get your bees. In the ...

How do I keep a beehive?
The first thing you need to do is learn. Look online and see if there is a beekeeping club in your area. Big clubs, usually regional or state, will have workshops and beekeepers near me have some great ideas.

How can I become an amateur beekeeper?
First, join a local beekeeping club or group. Some are sponsored by state Agricultural Extension Services or a university. Others are independent or affiliated with a local apiary.

Could I keep a Flowhive in my backyard? What about my patio in an apartment?
Backyard? You absolutely could, but you would need to do all the work involved in keeping the bees alive. Apartment balcony? Probably not - check your local laws, build an apiary.

Should I raise honey bees?
Maybe, maybe not.Some people are well suited to beekeeping and are willing to put in the time and effort to do it right. Others just have bees and end up loosing them yearly.

Agriculture: Given the current rate of honey bee depopulation, how long do we have before it causes crop shortages?
I am a hobbyist beekeeper with roughly 20 apiary. On average about 6 of these apiary die over a winter, probably due mostly to mites and viral infections carried by the mites...

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