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Beginner Beekeeping FAQ 36 when to feed what, Bees of a different color!

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Another lesson for Beginning Backyard Beekeepers. Honey bees are complicated, and in this video we'll go over your recently posted questions.

Discussion points in this video are:

1) Will there be more Live Chats about bees?

2) How is the Robbing Station working out?

3) Why are there different colored bees in the same hive, is it being robbed?

4) How can I get those Weaver bees if they don't ship packages or nucs?

5) Is it wrong to allow honey bees to swarm?

6) Can you use a vacuum to suck beetles out of flowhives?

7) Why do you mix Langstroth equipment with your Flow Supers instead of just of having straight flowhives?

8) Why do you tilt your FlowHives forward for winter? Why not just leave them in the tilted back position for honey removal?

9) What's the typical feeding schedule for fall & winter, when do I add Ultra Bee patties?

10) How long to we feed sugar syrup?

11) I'm feeding pro-sweet this winter, in round top feeders, is that ok?

12) You said to pull feeders and use fresh clean ones every time you fill them? What if I just want to refill the hive top feeders without removing them? Will they really get moldy?

Have more questions? Post them down in the comment section. YouTube has provided a new tool for channel owners, we see the questions from subscribers at the top of our feed so those will receive responses first.

Thank you so much for watching and sharing about where you reside and what you're challenged by.

No one is smarter than "everyone", please continue to share what you know and what is working out where you live and keep bees.

This was the most productive beekeeping year since I began managing honey bees. Going into winter strong, and the rest is basically up to mother nature.

Three hives are going into winter in single deep boxes. Late season swarms generally don't build fast enough for a long winter, but we shall see when February comes along.

Make your own feeder shim for any size box: https://youtu.be/ZOi8wF882qE

Removing Flow-Supers for Winter: https://youtu.be/N_j2JQ4ZYtc

Bee hive stands that protect hives from minor flooding and strong winds: https://youtu.be/2uGhI7oF8kA

Unscented Clorox Bleach: https://amzn.to/36799y5

Concentrated bleach vs Regular
Concentrated bleach is an 8.25 percent solution of sodium hypochlorite, up from the “regular bleach” concentration of 5.25 percent.

Rapid Round Hive Top Feeders: https://amzn.to/2BJPczp

Sugar for sugar syrup: (use the cleanest chemical free water you can find) - 10 LB Bags of Pure Cane Sugar (RAW unprocessed sugars have been proven to harm bees)- https://amzn.to/31P62r0

If you're going to add bleach to sugar syrup as a sanitizer, don't forget to test it: https://amzn.to/2Jpzde1

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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