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Bee Removal of Africanized Bees with a Chainsaw

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Added by Admin in Beekeeping In Spring 2019


Africanized bee removal at a harrowing 30 feet off the ground with a live chainsaw. What could go wrong?

All violin playing and beekeeping work by Chris Danielson.
Emily's Reel - 2:43 was written by Mark O'Connor.
Everything else was composed by Chris Danielson.

The day of the removal was May 25th, 2019. I had received a call one month prior from a home owner with a hot bee colony that was located about 30-40 feet off the ground in a dead and rotted Mexican Fan Palm tree. (A hot hive is simply a bee colony with a poor temperament, that has a tendency to attack people that get too close to the actual hive). The bees are easy going and kind when they are out foraging flowers. The Mexican Fan Palm can grow to heights reaching 100 feet.

Fun facts:
* The single colony up the tree turned out to be 2 different bee colonies.
* The police and fire department kindly never billed me for the emergency 911 situation.
* Africanized bee colonies are many times re-queened with a gentler queen bee stock. "makes 'em nice"
* Though I say these bees were angry, in my history, these bees were about a 7/10 on the "hot" scale. They weren't all that mean, they actually were pretty docile considering I was removing them and giving them a new home.
* During the cutting process a bee bridge was created between the colony home and the Langstroth hive box for the bees to march across. I took a lot of pride in the fact that I managed to cut the bridge on my first try and it fell perfectly into place.
* The second colony had to be lowered to the ground in a log stump I had cut from the original tree.
* Both bee colonies are still alive and well.
* There is nothing better than having to try and restart a chainsaw with africanized bees flying around you.
* Duct tape was used to seal where my suit meets my shoes. There is nothing better than having angry bees climb up your pant legs toward your hip region while using a chainsaw.

You know the best thing? Climbing up a tall tree in a bee suit with a live chainsaw, a bunch of angry bees flying around you and finding out you've got an itch in your suit.

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