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Anne of the Island FULL Audiobook

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Third of the Anne of Green Gables Series, Anne is off to Redmond College where she will spend the next three years learning, making new friends, and deepening old friendships
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Chapter Markers:
1 0:0:1 The Shadow of Change
2 0:13:40 Garlands of Autumn
3 0:26:07 Greeting and Farewell
4 0:36:22 April’s Lady
5 0:57:26 Letters from Home
6 1:10:01 In the Park
7 1:20:25 Home Again
8 1:33:47 Anne’s First Proposal
9 1:41:36 An Unwelcome Lover and a Welcome Friend
10 1:54:16 Patty’s Place
11 2:06:44 The Round of Life
12 2:20:58 “Averil’s Atonement”
13 2:32:23 The Way of Transgressors
14 2:47:28 The Summons
15 3:00:42 A Dream Turned Upside Down
16 3:07:34 Adjusted Relationships
17 3:25:53 A Letter from Davy
18 3:30:36 Miss Josephine Remembers the Anne-girl
19 3:39:20 An Interlude
20 3:44:43 Gilbert Speaks
21 3:53:01 Roses of Yesterday
22 3:59:02 Spring and Anne Return to Green Gables
23 4:05:52 Paul Cannot Find the Rock People
24 4:11:53 Enter Jonas
25 4:20:01 Enter Prince Charming
26 4:29:29 Enter Christine
27 4:34:59 Mutual Confidences
28 4:43:15 A June Evening
29 4:50:25 Diana’s Wedding
30 4:56:19 Mrs. Skinner’s Romance
31 5:01:57 Anne to Philippa
32 5:06:10 Tea with Mrs. Douglas
33 5:13:58 “He Just Kept Coming and Coming”
34 5:19:04 John Douglas Speaks at Last
35 5:26:41 The Last Redmond Year Opens
36 5:37:08 The Gardners’ Call
37 5:46:07 Full-fledged B.A.’s
38 5:54:52 False Dawn
39 6:04:16 Deals with Weddings
40 6:16:08 A Book of Revelation
41 6:23:43 Love Takes Up the Glass of Time

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