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Aggressive Bees | Apis cerana

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I've never seen aggressive bees like this before. It's makes me absolutely scared.
Here are some of the factors which may make honey bees aggressive:
Queenless is frequently a cause of feisty bees. The bad behavior usually stops as soon as the colony or the beekeeper replaces the queen.
A shortage of nectar-producing flowers is called a nectar dearth. The bees can’t find nectar so they often try to steal it from other hives. This begins an aggressive behavior known as robbing.
Not only are robbing honey bees aggressive, but the bees being robbed become aggressive defenders of their stores. This often results in a cloud of bees around a hive, especially in the fall.
Look carefully. If robbing is going on, you will see bees fighting with each other at the hive entrance. The ground in front of the hive may be littered with dead honey bees.
The fighting bees release an alarm pheromone—an odor that warns other bees of the danger. The alarm pheromone makes other honey bees aggressive, and more fighting means more pheromone is released which means more bees join the fray. The situation can escalate quickly.
Once the alarm pheromone has aroused the bees, you and your pets and your neighbors are fair game as well.
The odor of dead bees and the scent of honey being robbed attract other predators. Before long, wasps and yellow jackets have arrived on the scene to collect both meat and honey. This means more fighting and more alarm pheromone. What a mess.
Honey bees and wasps are not the only creatures preparing for winter. Colonies in the fall may be attacked by raccoons, opossums, or skunks. Regular visits by any creature—including a beekeeper—may make honey bees more aggressive.
Rainy weather, especially when it comes to heat and high humidity, makes bees cranky as well.
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