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25 Walmart People You Won't Believe Compilation!

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Wal-Mart may be a well-known brand that attracts a lot of good people, but it also attracts a very weird bunch! Join us as we show you some Wal-Mart people that you won't believe!
25. It Takes A Real Man to Wear Pink
Ok, I'll be fair here, I honestly have NO CLUE if this is a man or a woman, but one thing most definitely is clear, they felt the need to wear a full-body pink suit into a Wal-Mart and likely had no other reason for doing so other than to see what people thought about it.
What might be the weirdest thing about this is that it's not a skin tight suit, which is usually what you'd see for things like this. It's big, and bulky, and I have no idea why. And honestly? I'm not sure I want to know why.
But hey, at least he/she/they are proud in pink.
24. Boxing Themselves In, lol
I'm sure you've all seen movies where people are forced to wear clothing that isn't actually clothing. Like an inner tube, a blanket that's too short, that kind of thing. And if worse comes to worse, there's always a cardboard box, right? It's high comedy! It works for Solid Snake! But why in the world is this lady in a Wal-Mart and wearing a cardboard box?!!?
What might be even stranger than this is that it doesn't seem like anyone is noticing that she is wearing the box outside of the lady right behind her!
Also, she appears to be in line, but she's holding no items, and where would her wallet be exactly? Mysteries of life everyone.
23. Liar Liar (bizarre)
Have you ever wanted to just embarrass your kids at a place you go to? Like the clothing store, or, you know, a walmart? Well, apparently this kids parents had that idea by having him wear a "I'm a Liar" sign.
So let's try and picture the scenario, what lie did he tell in order to get this punishment? It had to be something big? He apparently has a brother, maybe he did something to him? Or lied about taking one of his parents things? the possibilities are endless! And this picture will remain timeless throughout the rest of his life.
Don't do the crime little boy...
22. Scooter Along Now...
I can't even begin to describe this picture, and I'm a person who would've likely tried something like this in my younger years! Yes, I'm old, deal with it. First of all, riding a scooter like that has to be incredibly uncomfortable. Second, it looks like she'd fall off if they go over 5 miles per hour, and it also looks like the mother is helping her stay on!
So what exactly is going on here, and why is this parent condoning this behavior? Furthermore, how has a Wal-Mart attendant not stopped this from happening?
21. Flying!!!!!
In contrast to the last entry, I dig this guy. Cosplay isn't just dressing up like your favorite characters, its doing what you can to re-enact their most important moments in history! And when you're dressed like Superman? You better believe you're going to try and fly in some way shape or form!
Now yeah...this guy is using a cart, so it's not exactly the same, but hey, A for effort my friend!
20. Nailed It, and Everyone Else
When you were young, there were a few things I'm sure your family told you to maintain, your hair, your teeth, and of course, you nails. And while it's ok to have them a little long...THIS IS NOT WHAT WE MEANT!!!!
I mean come on! That looks like fantasy level style nails there! Or something from a really bad comic book villain! There are simply some things the eyes are never meant to see, and this would definitely qualify. We need to move on now!
But...before we do and show you more insanity from Wal-Mart, be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel so you don't miss our weekly updates!
19. Toys Imitating Life
I want you to imagine that you are in a police chase! The cops are on your tail! You're weaving in and out of lanes, making desperate turns and trying to get away from them, but they're still there! People are watching you with concerned looks as you pass them by...
...and it's because you're not on a two-lane highway...but in a Wal-Mart being chased by actual cops in toy versions of their cars. I mean...cops have to have fun too, right?
18. On A Leash
There's an old expression when it comes to marriage that your wife at times is your "ball and chain", meaning that you're stuck to them until you "break it off" so to speak. Well one couple who went to Wal-Mart did this in reverse, with the husband being bound. But not by a chain. Check out this guys neck! Yeah, that's a dog collar that the wife has full control of via chain.
So many questions here. Did his bark get too loud? Was she worried about him getting un-leash-ed? If he tries to get it off does he get sent to the pound???
Ok, I'll stop now, but this is still funny. After all, it's a dog-eat-dog world at Wal-Mart...
17. Ma'am? There's Something On Your Back...
I mean...why though? Seriously, why? Or how? Or how come? It's almost too much to process this as a whole...so let's just stare

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